Obamacare: What’s really going on

by mmw03707

“Obamacare”: How it seems to the rest of us.

Politics in this country is a business business based on false promises and the un-dying hope Americans looking to ensure the longevity of this nation. of This video aims to show what some people around the country really feel that Obama’s new “Obamacare” act will do in this country. There have been multiple mash-ups aimed at political figures that will often times use irony or a parody form in order to manipulate their spoken words in order to pass a point to an intended audience. In a time of financial hardship and proposed changed under President Obama, his views and goals for the health care system in this country have become the target of multiple media, journalistic, and traditional sources. This plan along with multiple other promises made by the President during his campaign have come under fire. Accordingly, campaigning behind ground breaking ideas has become a common practice for many politicians and elected officials.

When Barack Obama toured the country in 2008 with Joe Biden as a part of his presidential campaign, he campaigned against adults having to buy health insurance. This position was backed by the belief, of many, that the United States would move towards a health care system that is used in multiple countries around the world where health services are provided to anyone that is need of it. People are not turned away,even if they can not financially afford treatment or a previous condition would traditionally see coverage denied. However, Obama “changed his mind” just a short year later in his position by backing the idea that citizens should carry an individual mandate in order to be covered medically.

The largest issue that is seen to be had currently with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act or “Obamacare” is that first, it is not the idea that Obama originally presented the American people when he was elected and second, people were and have been covered by health insurance realize that it will now cost more out of their own pocket to cover the care of others for whom it is not provided. At a time in this country where the national debt has reached over $15 trillion according to http://www.usdebtclock.org, many citizens of this great country have changed their stance towards the change that Obama promised, along with the billions of dollars that the United States will be taxed for heath care.

Within the mash-up, the creator ironically hits a few points that share the view of what many people in this country think about the PPACA. The first point that is made is the failure to meet the challenges presented by the recession. Next, the point is made about Democrats believing that one way to fix an issue is to model “Canada” or basically by implementing a universal health care system but making the point that a universal system would cover everyone but with limiting restrictions. The point is also made that individuals will be paying in order to cover a large amount of the heath care system instead of just their own personal usage. The point is also made that illegal immigrants would be covered for health care by those paying into the universal heath care system, even when they do not pay taxes themselves. The last major point made is that a $1 trillion deficit would be applied to Medicare and Medicade through this proposal. At a time where people are already faced with a time of financial hardship, why should they be paying more to provide care for anyone besides themselves.

The continuation “game changing” ideas by political candidates will continue as long as there are elections requiring a vote of a public source. As we near the 2012 presidential campaign, the number of these ideas will not only increase, but will be picked apart by everyone from talk show hosts, other politicians, and regular Americans around the country until our next Commander-in-Chief is elected. It would be a refreshing change if politicians actually made promises and plans that they could keep and execute, to pull this nation out of its greatest hardship since the Great Depression.


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